Michelle M. Pelc, DDS
Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry


"This letter will introduce Dr. Michelle Pelc, the world's most generous dentist. She has small hands and a big heart , so even though I was a life-long 'fraidy cat about getting my teeth worked on, I still drove over 38 miles to see her.

If I have a problem she sees me right away. When my kids come in from out of town she always makes time to see them too, sometimes coming in on her day off to accommodate us.

Dr Pelc is responsive, proactive, careful and kind. She bills our insurance, follows up with them if there is a dispute, and doesn't send us a bill until they've worked their things out.

I have gone from being a weepy reluctant patient to Dr. Pelc's biggest fan. I strongly encourage anyone considering a new dentist to call Dr. Pelc."

Connie B.

Dr. Pelc,

I just wanted to say Thank You for providing the best experience at the dentist I have ever had. I really mean that! I was a little worried coming in after it being a few years since I had last been to the dentist, but you helped me get over that right away and I look forward to seeing you again in a few months.

Thank you again and hope you and your family enjoy the holidays.

Kevin M.

"I was able to see my family again over the holidays because of my new smile! Thank you so much!

David H.

"I was a chicken for years!! So scared!! Dr. Pelc made the appointment so comfortable for me that I will be back in 6 months for sure!!"

Marie M.